Mobile Health

What is mHealth?
mHealth is a new but rapidly developing branch of Life Sciences and seeks solutions to health matters by the use of mobile communications and related technology. mHealth has developed from eHealth, and provides information about an individual's state of health by using mobile devices and communication.
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It is recognised that the combination of self-empowerment and remote monitoring of people will be a necessary to give people to power back to take conscious decisions about their wellbeing and to have a highly efficient communication with health specialists (GP, nutritionist, etc.) In the “first” world this will help to lower health costs in the long run and in third world countries this will enable a basic health service.

Consequently, the ability to give people around the world the power to do basic health and well-being checks and to collect and store data which is both reliable and accurate using mobile communications will be of great value and will probably change our contemporary understanding of healthcare fundamentally in the next couple of years.

IMI's mHealth Solution

IMI PentanodeIMI as a first mover in mHealth has created a interactive and integrated service, based on vital factors captured by a mobile device that works as a loop and therefore as a self controlling framework (see image at left in this paragraph). Starting with the measurement and based on the results of the measurement, basically every treatment and influence on the body can be evaluated through subsequent and regular measurements. The evaluation will eventually tell the user if the influence of the treatment had a positive or negative influence. For example nutrition, body workout, recreational activities, meditation and breathing exercises - they all influence our body and our well being – how these works, is explained in.

"One of the critical approaches necessary to make mHealth truly scalable and sustainable is the development and adoption of open standards-based ICT health platforms, and interoperable and integrated eHealth/mHealth solutions." [mHealth Alliance ]

Health FABA Fund

The objective of FABA is universal health. 

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China's new medical reform adheres to the “public welfare”. IMI started in China with FABA the probably biggest study ever with 3 million people, FABA is a Chinese Red Cross Foundation, the National Health Fiberhome Action Fund (referred to as the “war fund”).