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FABA Members
The pursuit of universal health "Create health" of all the people
Beijing Red Cross Foundation, the National Health Fiberhome Action Fund (referred to as the "war fund) and the Chinese Association for International Science and Technology National Health Fiberhome action set up FABA.



Beijing Red Cross Foundation

Beijing Red Cross Red Cross Foundation is a director, has an independent legal status of non-profit charity organization, is registered by the District Department of the National Public Offering Foundation, whose purpose is to promote humanity.

Health For All By All

Organizing Committee of the National Health Fiberhome action

National Health Fiberhome action by

* the Chinese Organizing Committee of the International Technology Association,
* China Association of Mayors,
* the Chinese Medical Association,
* Association of Chinese High-tech Development Zone,
* Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Management Research Center,
* Harvard School of Public Health Action Plan of China,
* Tsinghua University in public administration Institute of Health and Human Development Research Center,
* Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center for Pervasive Computing,
* CFCA co-sponsored by other units,

is designed to unite government, industry, industry and civil society to carry out a series of activities, and strengthen "the National Health".

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