Quality of Life

Background and ideas

History - When it all began

It was in the year 1999 at the SEVA SANGHA SAMITI HOSPITAL in the Sunder bans, West Bengal, India. Gerhard Lingg was the leading head to build up this hospital they called HUMAN LIFE CARE CENTER. Gerhard Lingg, MD who took his diploma in India, encouraged by Mother Teresa, was examining his patients that were waiting in long lines. Some of them desperately waiting for help, some of them with minor problems that wouldn’t need medical advice or help. Gerhard Lingg is aware of this deplorable situation - about the fact that through this situation the sick patients and also he loses a lot of time, which is actually a waste of resources. He started to think about a way out of this dilemma – something that brings a possibility to do basic checks to people and to bring potential patients to their doctor when they really need him – a device that is always available and can be taken along to any place on this planet, something small and handy…the idea of a mobile device as a pre-screening tool for medical care was born.

Power to the people

Empowerment: One idea of providing such a service is to give people back responsibility and ability to do basic checks of the most important vital factors – the power to know more about the own body and to take conscious decisions based on this information. The knowledge and a continuously high awareness is good but certainly not enough – people need advice and the ability to influence their body/health in a positive way. That’s why the service offers different strategies for positive impacts on the body/health (nutrition, exercises, etc.)

Salutogenese vs. Pathogenese

Modern approaches in public health systems are to support and reward the personal sustainment of health. Such systems have long traditions e.g. in China . A systematic application of UBW Mobile Wellness systems supports the principle of the creation of Health (Salutogenesis), and thus helps to lower health costs. In a nationwide application of UBW Mobile Wellness systems we believe that a positive change in people’s attitude and mind set about their body & health will take place – Salutogenesis will gain recognition and importance. 


Gerhard Lingg as inventor and passionate preacher of alternative approaches to keep people healthy went for patents and eventually found the right companies and 3rd party providers to produce hard and software that built the solid ground for one of the first integrated mHealth services worldwide. 
Now, after 12 years of development, the smartphone with the integrated metabalancer, the so called UBW phone is the device that, together with the server infrastructure, covers the ideas and the vision of Gerhard Lingg.